Vintage Wine Bar

Seeking a wine bar to write about on Saturday afternoon, my girlfriend suggested Vintage Wine Bar located in Santana Row in San Jose. Suited for people watching, the Vintage Wine Bar is located amongst trendy restaurants and shops. The Wine Bar is small with only outdoor patio seating.

The menu consisted of a good variety of international wines with an emphasis on California wines. My personality is to always see what others are having and then say to myself, Huh, I should have ordered that.  But, in the world of wine, you live and you learn.

I ordered a flight of three tastes; a 2006 Mitarte Rioja from Spain, a 2007 Chateau Tanunda Shiraz from Australia, and last a 2007 Le Roc des Anges Cotes du Rousillon. Out of all three, I enjoyed sipping the Rioja the most for it’s fruitiness and rich red berry flavor and hint of spice. The Shiraz has some added mineral elements that I liked, but fell only slightly higher than a bargain house red I could find anywhere. The Cotes du Rousillon grew on me after letting it sip for a few moments and then trying it again. It definitely brought it much more complexity and floral hints once I appreciated and gave it a chance.

If you are in the area and looking to try a wine bar, I would rate Vintage Wine Bar on a scale of 1-10 at about a 6. The location is great for sitting and people watching, but the wine and the service is not as good as other places.

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