What’s a little pork without some Zin?

Fig Stuffed Pork Tenderloin Paired with Zinfandel

Fig Stuffed Pork Tenderloin Paired with Zinfandel

I admit it, I like Zin. Especially Zin’fandel’s with rich fruit flavor with lots of spice finish. Im sorry, but you can’t claim to be a Californian, love wine and not like Zinfandel. It’ s just not possible. Do you realize we put Zinfandel on the international wine map? Although the origin of Zinfandel grapes is debatable, we have truly been gifted with wineries across California serving the most lush and complex Zinfandels. Two of my favorite regions for Zinfandel are Dry Creek Valley in Sonoma and Paso Robles.

For this week’s pairing, I honor thy Zin by pairing it with a fig stuffed pork tenderloin rubbed with rosemary.  The wine I’ve selected for my pairing is  a Paso Robles region Zinfandel from a small,  family owned winery I recently visited called Whalebone. Their 2008 Zinfandel is exceptionally fruity with flavors of boysenberry, blackberry, and blueberries. Aged for 28 months in oak, the intense fruite flavors are softened with hints of cinammon and sandalwood. With a whopping 15.8% alcohol level, this wine is not for the easily flushed wine drinker.

This recipe has very little ingredients, easy prep time, and you can make it in about 45 minutes.

What’s Cookin’

recipe from new york times.com

1 1/2 cup dried figs

2 lb pork tenderloin

2-3 sprigs rosemary minced

1/2 cup red wine, more if necessary

1. Soak figs in hot water or I like to soak figs in red wine overnight in a bowl. Reserve liquid.

2. Preheat oven to 425 degrees.

3. Wriggle a thin sharp knife into each end of the making a smal hole. Then, with the end of a wooden spoon force a hole all the way through the meat, about the size of your thumb.

4. Stuff roast with figs all the way center from each side.

5. Rub salt, pepper, and rosemary over meat. Place meat on roasting pan and pour fruit-soaking liquid over it.

6. Roast for 20 minutes and then lower heat to 325 degrees and continue to cook, basting with pan juices (add wine or water if necessary).

7. When an instant thermometer reads 145-150 degrees you can remove from the oven. Make sure you read thermometer in meat and not fruit.

8. Slice roast and serve with a delicious Zinfandel!

What to Drink

Whalebone Vineyards 2008 Zinfandel. Bottle $32.

Budget Version

Peachy Canyon Vineyards 2008 Zinfandel. Bottle $10.99 at local supermarkets.


Credits: Images supplied by anvilimage.com

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