A Welcoming and Intimate Tuscan Inspired Winery Near Los Gatos

Regale Winery Wine Tasting Los Gatos Fresco

Regale Winery Fresco

My favorite thing to do in the wine country: Wine Taste

My least favorite thing to do in the wine country: Wedding Venue Hunt

After several long weekends of hunting for wedding venues, my fiancé and I realized the mystique of the wine country ends once you say that you are hunting for a wedding location and all of a sudden cha-ching (insert cash register sound here) , dancing dollar signs suddenly appear over your head.

Here’s the good news, in the past three weeks I’ve seen more wineries than I have in the past six months and I have found some really wonderful hidden gems, including Regale Winery in Los Gatos.  Who would’ve known that just about 10 min’s from downtown Los Gatos was a winery reminiscent of a Tuscan Villa with a killer mountain and vineyard view, friendly staff, and high quality wines. The garden is truly unforgettable with a beautiful courtyard fountain, olive trees, roses, and an herb garden. It’s a beautiful spot to sip on a glass of wine and have a picnic.

On a Sunday afternoon, we entered through the archway of the Regale gates. Regale means to “entertain or provide with great enjoyment”, usually relating to drinking and eating, which reminded me that I must use the word Regale more often. Larry, the owner, was happy to show us around. I could see the passion and hard work that created the space when he described the amount of painting required to create the frescoes on the interior walls.

Regale has both estate wines and their own estate olive oil.  They focus on Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon.  Our pick was the 2008 O’Neel Pinot Noir from Russian River.  This wine is complex with a silky finish of and flavors of bacon, spices, and cherry pie.

If you’d like to “Regale” too, see below for information on the winery.


Regale Winery and Vineyards

24040 Summit Road

Los Gatos, CA 95033


*Tasting room open Saturday and Sundays from Noon-5p.m. Call 408-353-2500 for more information.






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