How To Throw a Spring Brunch and Tea Party


Tea Party Decor

Tea Party Decor

One of the best and easiest parties to host is a brunch. Not only do you get the flexibility of what you can serve, but also you can prepare most of the food in advance without the hassle of a dinner party.  The other advantage is that you can also host a brunch at any time during the day.  Brunch can be as elegant as a sit down meal with friends or as casual as a buffet. I always like to think of tea parties as a sit down affair and wouldn’t recommend throwing a very casual set up for this type of party. With that said, you don’t have to spend a lot and can make an impact with some simple decorations. I love to use white because it’s elegant and matches with any color.


Gloria Ferrer Brut Rose

Gloria Ferrer Brut Rose

With spring approaching, I was inspired by the blooming cherry blossoms that I noticed on my walk to work everyday. I love birds and couldn’t help adding a couple accent pieces with a bird theme like the table cloth and tea pot.  For colors, I picked white, pink, and turquoise to decorate my table.  For the menu, I served pink champagne with mini sandwiches to start and then a passion fruit black tea with chocolate, scones, and a fruit tart to finish (full list below). You can use this theme or play around with others based on what inspires you!

Just remember:

Mix and match cups
Champagne is a must
Homemade scones are a treat
But pastries you just can’t beat
Serve a variety of sandwiches,
fruit, and tea −
then smile and say,  it was all me!


What’s on the Menu

Mini Sandwiches (cucumber & cream cheese/mandarin & cream cheese/turkey&dijon)
Blueberry Scones
Pear Tart
Whole Strawberries
Lindt Truffles

Passion Fruit  Black Tea
Gloria Ferrer Brut Rose 2008 Champagne


Lenox Chirp Collection
Bird Tea Pot
Antique tea cups and saucers (or mix match any cups)
3 tier serving tray
Cherry Blossom Branches in crystal vase


*Photos courtesy of Joe 

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