Top 11 Wines to Buy for the Holidays




It’s that time of year where most of us wander about the wine aisle trying to find the right selection to pair with a meal we are hosting, to select as a gift for a friend or family member, or just serve as a simple cocktail to start off the holiday season. This list contains some classic wines and some unique selections, including a spicy south african red wine named “Chakalaka” and a flavorful late harvest Grenache. Pick and choose what wines work best for you and feel free to add to the list and post your own holiday favorites.

Here are some great wines ($20-30 range) to serve during the holiday or to give to friends and family as gifts. Quality tested and assured of course!

Lillet Blanc $19.99 –  A very aromatic French aperitif wine, great served chilled with a twist of lemon.

Gloria Ferrer Blanc De Noirs – $25.99 –Made mostly from Pinot Noir, this is an elegant and well-balanced champagne.

Joel Gott Sauvignon Blanc Calif $15.99 – Ripe melon with citrus notes, medium-bodied.

2010 Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio $19.99 – Light and crisp without too much sweetness. Great to pair with appetizers.

2010 Grand Serres Chateauneuf-du-Pape $24.99 – Flexible with all types of food, this is a great Bordeaux wine that includes notes of black cherry, herbs de provence, black currants and blueberries.

2011 Ridge Three Valleys $26.99 – 91 points Wine Enthusiast.  Dry with light tannins and a bouquet of jam, bacon, and grilled mushrooms

2012 Cline “Ancient Vines” Zinfandel $14.99 – Deep and luscious flavors of black cherry, strawberry, and dark chocolate.

2011 Cambria Estate Winery Syrah – $22.00 – Dark purple color and a smooth full-body with flavors of coffee, chocolate and blueberry.

2011 Spice Route Chakalaka  $22.99 – Impress your friends and family with this bold and spicy south African wine.

2013 Bonnie Doon Winery “Vinferno” $24.00 ­­– A unique dessert wine made from 100% late harvest Grenache blanc. Rich honey color and notes of coconut, papaya, apricots and carmelized sugar. It’s sure to make an impression at any holiday party.

Graham 10 Year Old Tawny Port $32.99 – 92 pts Wine Enthusiast. Intensely dry and concentrated with notes of apple, cocoa, cream, and vanilla.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

*Prices vary per retailer. Listed prices are just estimates based mainly on BevMo finds.




  • By Tami 04 Dec 2014

    Zins are a great choice for the holidays. I really enjoyed the 2012 Ridge East Bench Zin. That was around $27. 2012 Green & Red Chiles Mill zin is around the same price, also great.

    And thanks for the reminder about Lillet… I know someone who would love a bottle for Christmas! 🙂

    • By admin 04 Dec 2014

      Thanks for the suggestion on the Zin. Ridge definitely sets the bar with their wines.

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