Do’s and Dont’s of Cooking with Wine



Guess what? The wine you select to cook with does matter. Good color and aromas make for good food. One of the most common misconceptions is that any old wine will do and the cheaper the better. The same principles you use when cooking and selecting quality ingredients apply to cooking with wine. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts when cooking with wine to help you achieve magnificent dishes.

1. Don’t cook with cheap wine—good wine will make good food.

2. Do select a bottle between $8-$15 range. Quality matters and wine in this price range will offer a substantial bouquet without breaking your budget.

3. Do consider the sweetness of the wine you select. Dry Italian whites work well for cooking as well as red varietals like Cote due Rhone from the south of France.

4. Don’t use wine that’s been sitting around for a week or more or tastes like vinegar.

5. Do cook the wine until the alcohol is burned off. The idea is to cook through until the alcohol dissolves and the aromas remain. For example, when making a sauce, reduce sauce down until it thickens.

And Voila! Some simple rules that will truly make a difference in the wine you select for cooking.


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