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Learning about wine should never be a solitary adventure. Have you ever eaten alone at a nice restaurant and the food could not have been better, but somehow it became lackluster because of the absence of company? When I started my blog a couple years ago, I decided to develop a community of my readers and wine lovers affectionately dubbed as “The Wine Mob”.

Egypt produced some of the first ceremonial red wine in Alexandria in the third millennium and it was made exclusively for members of the royal family and upper class.  A recent discovery also found that white wine was produced and discovered in none other than King Tut’s tomb. The comedian Steve Martin once said, “King Tut, how’d he get so funky” and well, apparently now we know it was wine!

While wine in Egypt was primarily for the upper class, wine today is for everyone to enjoy. Sometimes I speak to people about wine and they tell me they don’t have the capacity or the palette to distinguish between varietals or even determine flavor profiles and that it’s a gift that somehow they did not receive at birth. As with anything else in life, practice is key and the openness to learn principles of wine.

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