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I like to throw serious wine drinkers off with unlikely arguments. For example, on a recent trip to a wine boutique for a French Rhone tasting, I was asked if I liked the traditonal corks versus screw top bottles, to which I responded, Neither, I prefer free range corks, because i like my corks to go wherever they please.  It just wasn’t what I said, but the expression I gave when the wine clerk recommended a screw top red wine to my friend to take. Imagine a stinky, what the hell are you talking about face and that was me. I may have blurted out, Are you kidding me?  To which end, the clerk went on to say how it’s been scientifcally proven that screw top corks are the way to go over the traditional corks which are bleached, can leak air into the bottle, and create a corked (rotten)  bottle.

So, the debate goes on to what type of cork is best? The clerk’s pitch started to sink in with me. What if all this time I thought I had it great with a traditonal cork and now my wine and my tendonitis could be solved with a screw top! I’ve tried several screw top wines and there is just something missing.  Maybe that POP of the cork is nostalgic for me, but I’ll risk a corked bottle any day over the scratch scratch of a twist top.

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